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Atlanta City Skyline Print

I have always loved the skyline of Atlanta. In 1996, I felt inspired and created a pen and ink sketch with a unique aerial view of the Atlanta skyline in 1996. My original drawing is 4ft x 6ft. I reduced it 50% to 2ft x 3ft.


There were signs around the Olympic stadium that said things like, ”Coke, official Olympic sponsor.” And a banner in the center of the art that was on the old  Atlanta Fulton County stadium (now torn down) that read, ”Nike, official Olympic sponsor.” Everything had to go through ACOG (Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games). They said I could not print my art because it had the word Olympic in it. I was crushed. I had spent a lot of money, energy, and time and this was not going how I wanted it to go. The Olympics had come and gone. I felt I had missed my opportunity. Then, I whited out anything Olympic, and printed 1000. I wanted to see what they looked like. 

I was selling them when someone asked if I could personalize it. Could I add their children’s names on the blank billboards? A group of teachers signed the white space and gave it to their Principal, as a gift. Parents and children on the team signed it and gave it to the coach, as a gift. I had a young man request I put,” Will you marry me?” in the picture, for his girlfriend. A Leasing Company had me put their name in the lower left, and their customer’s names in the center. They gave it to 75 of their customers as Christmas gifts. A great grandmother gave me the names of her grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and had me put their names in the picture. 


This serigraph is a historic snapshot of Atlanta! There are only about 200 serigraphs remaining! Makes a great gift for coaches, teachers, bosses, loved ones and more!


Every Individual who purchases a print will be entered! One lucky contest winner can have me draw up to 30 cartoons from photographs. I normally charge $50 a cartoon!





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